The Great Blogger Cookie Swap 2011

When I found out about The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011, I *knew* I had to participate. I love cookies…who doesn’t love cookies! I love making cookies, especially during the holidays, and getting 3 mystery packages of cookies in the mail sounded like a no brainer!
When registration closed, there were 625 bloggers signed up to participate. That’s 1875 dozen cookies flyin’ through the mail over the past few weeks. How cool is that!! 
Monday is the official link up of the cookie exchange, with recipes and all. For now, I can share the cookies I  received in the mail! Talk about fun! 3 packages, addressed to me, full of cookies! 
My first box of cookies arrived Wednesday- and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! Amanda from Sweet Fix sent me “London Fog” cookies…Earl Grey Tea Butter Cookies with White Chocolate Filling. These were thin, crispy cookies with a hint of earl grey tea filled with white chocolate, and they were to die for. I may or may not have eaten half of this tin of cookies myself!
London Fog cookies…photo from Beth at Just So Parenting
Thursday’s mail brought a beautifully decorated box from The Lushers…filled with oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate cookies. Yum, yum, yum. Yum. No other words necessary. Yum. 
How pretty is that box? Photo from Beth at Just So Parenting

The Lushers’ Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies. Photo from Beth at  Just So Parenting
My final box of cookies arrived today , and I while I was sad it was the last box, I was not disappointed in the least as to what was inside! Beth from Just So Parenting sent me these slightly highly addictive Chewy Lemon Lavender Snowdrop Cookies. Soft, sweet, chewy, tangy….the list of adjectives goes on and on. Once I have my hands on this recipe, I’ll definitely be making these!
Chewy Lemon Lavender Snowdrop Cookies from Beth at Just So Parenting
(this is my photo….I actually got the camera out before the cookies disappeared!!)
Thanks to these three ladies for some amazing cookies, and thanks to Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil and Julie of The Little Kitchen for organizing this event. I’m sure it was a huge success! 
My recipe will be up Monday…can’t wait to share my all time favorite cookies with you!

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