It’s Back to School time!



I have been looking forward to this day for a long time! My little guy starts Kindergarten today and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been a single mom from day one, so I’ve made a lot of life decisions based on the fact that I knew I didn’t want to be working Monday-Friday 9-5 when it came time for B to go to school.

When I returned to work after my maternity leave was up, I immediately knew I needed to go back and finish my college degree. I knew that my dead end, $10/hr desk job wasn’t going to cut it for the two of us. I decided health care was the place to be, but Nursing wasn’t for me (based on what I saw of my mom’s career as  a Registered Nurse in the Long Term Care field.) I stumbled upon Respiratory Care in the college handbook, and decided to look into it…and here I am, almost 6 years later.

I’m still a single parent, but I’m a hybrid of both the working and the stay at home mom. I work 3 12-hour night shifts a week, which allows me to be home during the day. Because I made the decision to move us back into my Mom’s house, my mom watches B for me at night when I’m working, and drops him off to me on her way to work. I’m able to drop him off at school,go home and catch some ZZZZZZ’s and then be there to pick him up at the end of his school day.

Is this arrangement always easy? Heck, no. Some days, I want to sleep through the alarm in the afternoon. Some nights, B is upset that I can’t cuddle with him before bedtime. I have, however, already been able to chaperone a field trip B went on during his summer camp. Chaperoning more trips, being present in the classroom, and being able to attend school functions without having to rearrange someone else’s schedule are the reasons that this crazy schedule is totally worth it.

The first day of Kindergarten has made me realize that time flies, and my little guy is growing up way faster than I ever imagined. The older he gets, the more fun I have with him- which is why Back to School isn’t a sad time for me, I welcome it with open arms. I love to watch B learn and grow, and the opportunities for us to learn together are endless, and I can’t wait!

I have been on Pinterest looking for some fun Back to School projects, and this one is one of my favorites. I’m planning to do this at the beginning of each school year, so when B is all grown up we have something to look back on and reminisce about.


The inspiration for this interview came from Meet the Dubiens , originally pinned by Danielle on Pinterest. I asked Ben the questions, and then we put his school uniform on and went outside to take some pictures.

I think this is a great way to document images as well as your child’s personality! Mr. Personality wasn’t thrilled with my picture taking plans, so I had him give me his grumpy faces first…Image So I could get a nice sweet B picture….


Happy first day of school!!


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