DIY Spider Queen Halloween Costume


As a parent, I look forward to Halloween every year- I love how excited my little guy gets about dressing up (not to mention how stinking cute he is!) I’ve dressed up a few times, but usually with my old standby “doctor” costume. Last year, I decided I wanted to do something a little more creative, but without spending a ton of money.

Pinterest led me to the  blog, and I was absolutely hooked on the Spider Queen look I saw there. I loved the contrasting colors- the pale skin and the dramatic  blue and black eyes and lips. I decided to give it a try- and was pretty pleased with the results.

The site listed above lists the products used to create the original look, but I wanted to go with what I had on hand and use her look as inspiration.  I found a cheap black wig, used makeup I already had (with a few cheap additions- purple glitter face paint), bags of spider webbing and plastic spiders from the dollar store- and managed to pull off a fun costume!

I wore black pants and a black shirt underneath, had my mom help wrap me in the webbing and add a few spiders for fun.  I also painted my fingernails purple with the black crackle coat on top just to complete the look.

I had a great time at the halloween party I went to- and I’d say the makeup held up pretty well!

I can’t wait to find this year’s costume inspiration- and I’ll be starting on MissChievious’ site to do so. She is one super talented lady!


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